About TGP

Hello! So I believe the best way to get this blog rolling is to write a little brief introduction to introduce myself and set out what I hope to achieve from writing this blog.

First of all, to properly introduce myself I’ll tell you a little bit about me. So to begin my name is George Wyn-Jones and I’m 16 years old. Currently, I am based in Liverpool, in the North West of England.

I started this blog because of my interest in the Political climate which is currently dramatically shaping the world we live in. I am currently studying Politics A-Level which has further heightened my interest in this subject. With a serious life-changing event such as Brexit taking place as I’m writing this, I believe I can provide a younger perspective on what’s happening and how it affects the future of Britain. I will also include political events that happen in other countries.

I do hope that visitors to the page will be able to gather a new perspective into the political world, which will potentially spark their own interest in the field which is shaping the modern world we’re living in.


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