Brexit ideas

For the start of this week and to kick start this blog weekly roundup (even though it’s Monday), I thought it would be a good idea to address what is happening so far with the Brexit ordeal which has been spicing up things within  British Parliament!

Britain – For starters, it’s important to address that at the moment the British Parliament can’t agree or decide on what kind of Brexit will be best. If you’ve been paying attention (or just heard about)  Britain’s path to leaving the European Union, it’s clear to see that it has taken a year and a half for Theresa May to strike a deal for us to part ways. However, divisions within the main two parties have proved detrimental to the difficulties that have come with getting the Commons to agree with any deal. This is because it is unclear where each of the political parties within Britain stands on Brexit! 

It is unclear how to pinpoint where each party stands on the matter as each party is essentially a coalition of the many different ideas behind each individual MP. However, in each of the two main parties (Conservatives and Labour), there are at least 3 different ideologies of how Brexit should be carried out. 

Labour: 1- Remain. This view is that we leave it up to the people of Britain again in a second referendum. This idea is supported by the view that the people wouldn’t have voted for something which is predicted to make them poorer. 

              2- Hard Brexit. Surprisingly this is a view within the party that is supposed to look at the interests of the common worker. This entails just cutting all ties with the EU completely (eg. ending free movement and leaving the trade union)

              3- Leadership. This particular view is supporting a Jeremy Corbyn style Brexit. Essentially it puts workers’ rights first and disagrees with certain parts of Mays proposed deal. 


Tory: 1- Remain. There are two main outcomes with this idea. One includes the outcome of the referendum and accepts the May deal. Another view is that of a second referendum is held

         2- Hard Brexit. This view is where all ties with the EU are cut and we completely separate entirely. This gives our Parliament completely Sovereignty over anything British 

        3- Better Deal. This contains three different views that encompass different aspects of other views. One is a deal similar to Norway’s relationship with the EU; Norway isn’t a member of the EU but is part of the European Economic Area, so it is part of the single market. Another deal is similar to Canada’s relationship with the EU; Canada now has almost tariff-free trade in goods with the EU, however, it faces more regulatory barriers to trade. The movement of services is also much more limited than within the single market. Canada is not subject to EU law or institutions and doesn’t pay the EU any money as part of the trade agreement.

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