2019 – A new year

Hello and welcome back to the TGP blog. I’ll be honest December has been a crazy month so I haven’t had any chances to get out a decent blog post to talk about what’s happening in world politics. However, this year my goal for this blog is to get a decent length blog discussing recent happenings out every single week to give my own thoughts and opinions. So with this being said let’s just jump into a quick update on what’s happening in world politics.

So to start things off I’d like to talk about everybody’s favourite topic within this political time… Brexit! Now just to say something I do regret not having enough time I could’ve set aside to make regular Brexit updates as for what’s happing now is just fascinating as it’s shaping the world we’ll be living in with Britain’s potential relationship with the EU if we do or don’t leave.

Well to start off on Tuesday the 8th of January,  British lawmakers are set to continue to debate the Prime Ministers proposed Brexit deal. A vote on the deal is apparently proposed to occur the following week. When the vote takes place, it must be decided whether Westminster will accept the Prime Ministers deal (which plans for a structured exit with relatively close economic ties with the EU). If the deal is rejected, it will cause further uncertainty upon the UK’s next steps to deal with Brexit.

The opposition to the Prime ministers proposed deal is still quite daunting. However, Ms May still seems very optimistic that some headway with EU leaders could get the DUP on her side as DUP support for the Prime ministers deal is crucial as they are in a confidence and supply deal with the conservatives after the snap election of 2017. The head of the DUP Arlene Foster said she would prefer a no-deal to a bad deal, This is describing May’s current plans as amounting to “the annexation of Northern Ireland” by the EU.

In an alternative outcome, if the Brexit deal is rejected it could lead to a No-deal with the EU. This could cause a situation where there is further uncertainty over what the U.Ks plans with Brexit are and send us into a financial recession greater than the financial crisis (BOE).

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