The ​UK faces no deal Brexit​

With another vote set to take place over the Prime ministers proposed Brexit deal with the Eu, it’s looking increasingly more likely that her deal may actually be rejected and cause a situation where the UK will be heading towards its Brexit deadline without a deal. Such a situation will cause much damage to British politicians alike as they haven’t been able to follow through with the result of the 2016 referendum. Also, a rejection of the deal will lead to Britain’s global reputation taking a hit like the last 2 years have been a wave of uncertainty and criticism towards the government’s handling of Brexit, and in the end, a deal couldn’t be accepted in Parliament.

The rejection of the Brexit deal that is Theresa Mays deal is mainly down to opposition of the Labour party who would like to remain within the European Union and some Conservative and other parties who believe in different changes to her deal. These opinions are holding back the UK’s progression with Brexit, as Politicians are unable to agree on the specifics that a UK divorce deal with the EU. There are opponents to Mays proposed backstop solution which is designed to ensure that there isn’t a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. This deadlock could be broken if the UK gained legally binding assurances from the EU that the backstop would be a temporary arrangement.




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