No deal plans and a potential majority

I know this post is late I’ve had a lot of work over the past few days but as its all cleared up we can get talking about everybody’s favourite topic… Brexit! (again). It pains me to talk about it this much, however (for me at least) it’s the most interesting topic within British politics at the moment.

To start off, let us consider a potential “new deal” situation which is becoming increasingly likely as the deadline is approaching at an alarming rate. As a potential no-deal situation is approaching, many businesses have pulled out of investing within Britain because of the uncertainty a no-deal Brexit brings. I’ve heard that  Civil servants are distributing no-deal Brexit advice, such as the fact exporters will have to put stickers over their produce, confirming that it has come from the EU; it is predicted that although no shortage of food will occur, there may be a lack of distribution in some regions. Also, 3,500 troops are now ready for action, and 4,000 civil servants were told to switch role in preparation for Brexit.

The problem is,  Theresa May has to find a way to get a majority in Parliament to help any Brexit deal she proposes to pass. The road to uniting the Conservative party and passing a deal here is not looking likely, however… could a majority come from Labour MPs who are looking increasingly unsure about Brexit? The cash for vote system doesn’t seem to have worked so far, as only one Labour MP has accepted the deal (John Mann), with others offended. MPs could receive extra money for their vote to poorer constituencies of which they are elected. Theresa May may try to woo the 24 unsure labour voters. Ms May seems unlikely to accept Jeremy Corbyn’s 5 amendments (including a customs union) as such a bargain will shift the dynamic of Britain’s political system.


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