My MP resigned and my first dramatic CLP

Before this post starts, I think it’s worth me mentioning the fact that there was no blog post last week as I’ve been swamped with work, but now that’s finished I’ll try to organize my time better so I can get more posts out.

So, recently a shocking turn of events has hit the UK’s two main political parties, some MPs have taken it upon themselves to resign from the Tory and Labour party. The labour party MPs who did end up resigning were Joan Ryan, Luciana Berger (my MP) Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Angela Smith, Ann Coffey, Gavin Shuker, and Chuka Umunna. This sparked major interest and confusion into the ins and outs of these significant resignations. These Labour resignations have also pushed to some tory resignations, with Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen and Sarah Wollaston following suit.

It has been now recognised that the Labour MPs resigned due to their shared idea and belief that a no-deal Brexit must be prevented.

Heidi Allen was asked on BBC Newsnight if they could all agree on issues such as this, she responded with “probably not, but it doesn’t matter because this is a fresh start”. To me, this quote is very significant to the future of the new break off the group as it shows that they are not fully ‘one entity’, meaning they will not unanimously agree on every single issue that comes up, this could lead to tension within their Independent Group. Potentially, the group could form an alliance with the Lib Dems as they are a centrist party and this sort of alliance will strengthen the stance of centrism with the United Kingdom. However, this future looks unlikely as the Independent Group has denied any similarities with the SDP forming an alliance with the Liberal Party, meaning they will not be looking to create some sort of alliance with the Lib Dems.

On another note, I wanted to make a post on this a while back but I could never find the time to get around to it, but now I’m going to be making sure this blog is of the highest quality and I have time to get up lengthy posts. So with that being said…  On the 15th of February, I attended my first ever (Wavertree is my constituency for anyone wondering) CLP. The meeting as a whole was fascinating, I could really see how democratic it was as when the speaker brought up a topic, members were allowed to raise their hands to ask a question which would be answered by one of the panel members.  Highlights of the evening consisted of two key moments for me. One was the discussion of how important Childwall was as recently Labour in Wavertree had lost Childwall to the Lib Dems. Activities such as door knocking were proposed which showed how active they were and serious the loss of votes in one area can be.

Another fascinating part of the meeting was the talk of specific topics, more specifically the issue of Sudan. A guest speaker from Sudan was allowed to speak and talk about the horrors of countless murders and corruption which is currently taking place due to the dictatorship which is in place within the Sudan government. The guest’s speech also brought our attention that western countries aren’t doing enough to help the people of Sudan and to an extent supporting them. When it was time to vote in favour of the guest’s cause, there wasn’t a single abstained or vote against it, this display of care and support for foreign affairs demonstrates the goodness in people and how Wavertree wants to help Sudan.

Prior to the meeting, I was emailed a meeting agenda which proposed ousting our recently resigned MP Luciana Berger and quoted things she had said about Jeremy Corbyn.  I’m very sad to see Luciana leave.  Whilst her appointment was somewhat controversial with many believing she was helicoptered in to a safe seat from her home in London – with no links to the community or Liverpool itself,   she personally helped one of my very close family members who emailed her and asked her to step in and help to resolve a situation which was preventing them from earning a living.  She did so, very quickly, and the situation was resolved for my family member who was very grateful for Luciana’s prompt assistance.

Therefore I can personally say that Luciana acted in the best interests of her constituents and got involved in our community.  I was also very supportive of her actions regarding mental health, which is something I am passionate about.  I am very sad to see her go and wish her the best in her future endeavours.  In the meantime, I am not quite sure what the future holds for my local CLP but it’s an exciting time to be a member.

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