Labour for a Second Referendum?!

So, on the 25th of February Jeremy Corbyn told Labour MPs that if their own Brexit deal is rejected, they will fully support a second referendum. To understand this situation better, let’s have a look into a Labour Brexit deal.

Some points Labour has stated on their official website include ” Labour wants a close future relationship with the EU based on our values of internationalism, solidarity, and equality – maintaining and extending rights, standards and protections”. This differs from some Tory views of a hard Brexit which would cut all ties with the EU, also this will protect workers’ rights which Labour has always set out to do. Another part of a Labour Brexit, ” Labour respects the result of the referendum, and Britain is leaving the EU. But we will not support any Tory deal that would do lasting damage to jobs, rights and living standards”. From this, it is clear to see why Labour would want a second referendum as they won’t support no-deal Brexit, which is becoming more likely. With a no-deal Brexit comes uncertainty and if someone works abroad, it isn’t clear what their rights would be. Labour, therefore, sees it beneficial to have a second referendum so the people can decide whether they still want Brexit to go through, with a big chance of a no-deal.

In order to support a second referendum, John Mcdonell (The shadow chancellor) has stated that rather than allowing a free vote, Labour will whip their MPs into supporting a second referendum. This shows how serious Labour will be in supporting a second referendum as they’re reducing the chance massively of the Tories from getting any Labour MPs who are on the fence about a second referendum.

Interesting times ahead I think.


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