A further speedbump slowing down Brexit *sigh*

So now officially another speedbump has been laid out upon the Brexit fiasco. Theresa May’s new deal was rejected earlier this week, making us wonder if a no-deal situation is inevitable at this point. May has stated that if her withdrawal agreement is accepted before the EU summit meeting on Thursday, the UK will seek a short delay to Brexit to pass the necessary legislation. Ms May said it would be a “potent symbol of Parliament’s collective political failure” if a delay to Brexit meant the UK was forced to take part in May’s European elections – almost three years after voting to leave the EU.

Meanwhile,  the leader of the opposition,  Jeremy Corbyn has written to MPs across the Commons inviting them for talks to find a cross-party compromise. He also told Sky that while he “has to see the wording of it”, Labour MPs would be told to vote in favour of an amendment calling for another referendum next week, and he said he may propose another vote of no confidence in the government if the PM’s deal is voted down again.

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