Reflection on the votes

On the 27th March, Theresa May stated to Conservative MPs that if they back her EU withdrawal deal –  In the PM’s own words, ” I am prepared to leave this job earlier than I intended in order to do what is right for our country and our party”. She did not set a specific date for her departure. However, the PM said she was aware that the Tory party didn’t want her to lead the next phase of the Brexit negotiations.

There were many different types of withdrawals that were put forward via groups, some assuming Mays deal will pass. Some of these proposed options consist of;  of a NO DEAL, which was put forward by  John Baron (Tory MP), this is when the UK will leave on the 12th April without a deal, Common Market 2.0, proposed by Tory MP Nick Boles, The UK will join the European Economic Area and negotiates a temporary customs union until a deal can be arranged. Labours Alternative plan put forward by Jeremy Corbyn, A customs union with the EU and “close alignment’ with the single market, Confirmatory public vote, by Labour MP Margaret Beckett, Parliament cannot ratify or implement any agreement on the UK’s withdrawal and future relationship “unless and until they have been approved  by the people of the UK in a confirmatory public ballot” and more proposed deals by MPs.

However, when it came down to the vote on the 1st of April, (for a second time) none of the MPs’ proposed Brexit options ended up receiving clear support from the Commons.




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