When I heard of the UK’s new PM (Short)

So, it’s been apparent for a while now that we are on the brink of a new age, new dawn if you will… a time where Boris Johnson is the new PM of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I know that at least 80% of the country (especially labour supporters and the Scots) will be devastated by the new PM. Due to his prior actions he’s undertaken, you can’t really blame them.

Before I get into talking about the potential havoc the new PM may cause, let me just tell you about when I heard the news over the announcement of who won the Tory premiership.

It was the day of the tour de France as I was sitting within my hire car with my brother as my dad drove us to go see the bikes pass near the house we were staying in. The temperature was around 39° so as you can imagine I was absolutely boiling all day. We put the BBC on the radio to hear who had won the Tory premiership. When it said “Boris Johnson” and we heard him give a speech I knew for a fact that Britain would be entering a very interesting time. Regardless of whether he is a successful prime minister or he fails to live up to the low standards a lot of people have set for him, I know for a fact that the next few years maybe some of the most interesting in history.

The day after that, I remember sitting down with my grandparents, who currently live and have lived in France for the last 10 years, watching the entire day of Theresa May leaving office and Boris Johnson entering. During Theresa May’s last speech I remember her final dig at Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting whether both of their times were up and he should accept that,  regardless of my own political views, I do think she may be right and labour may need a new face.

Boris Johnson’s first speech from Downing Street was one that a lot of Tories may be able to hold in high regard. It was very bland but inspirational at the same time. In my own opinion, I feel he talks highly of what he ‘may’ be able to do and sold a dream he may not be able to deliver. He offered solutions and answers to problems that people had but he didn’t actually say how he would do that. 



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