Scottish Independence

Throughout 2019, for the majority of the British public, the main event/ characteristic has been that of Brexit. This hot topic has controlled the minds, voices, and ears of the British people, becoming one of the most dividing and crucial events within British history.  However, Brexit is not the only case of one country wanting ‘out’ of an international union.

One feature that I have been familiar with about the Scottish Nationalist movement is that it refuses to engage in extreme methods to advance its cause. At the time of Spain Supreme Court jailing Catalan separatist leaders, for a time around 9 to 13 years for sedation, due to a following of and illegal independence referendum in 2017, we saw the SNP gathering peacefully in Aberdeen for its annual conference. A completely different approach of that happening within Spain

Nichola Sturgeon, The First Minister of Scotland and the Leader of the SNP, was very quick to condemn the Spanish court’s decision as dreadful. When we think of radical activity within the SNP, we see massive marches through streets or sometimes claims of the BBC are biased. The main point here is that they do follow the law. Throughout history, we can see this to be the case as the UK has been in the union for around 300 years by choice, with Scotland’s having the union work their way and having no need to leave, even with SNP have being elected into power frequently. Scotland’s choice to be in the union can be seen through them voting 55 to 45% of the nation to stay within the United Kingdom in 2014 

However, we can see the situation that we find ourselves residing in today is not the same as it once was in 2014, and the public opinion for Scotland leaving the United Kingdom has been creeping up to 50%. This can be seen to be the case due to a number of reasons. The more low-key reason will be the fact that both of the major parties within the UK hold such radical ideologies, that’s to the general public they are neither appealing. The more common reason would be the fact that the Scots voted to remain within the EU and opposed to Brexit by 62 to 38, which has evidently made things difficult with Scottish relations with the rest of the UK. This makes some Scots believe that the union has now become fractured beyond repair

Sturgeon has said she will request a section 30 order from Westminster which will enable another referendum by the end of the year. One massive problem with this is that it seems that a Conservative government would not oblige before the next Holyrood election in 2021. However, this referendum may still be on the cards due to the next general election which has been accepted by Corbyn. A Labour government under Corbyn may actually support the SNP in having a second referendum, If the SNP, support them in forming a government. This will only happen if the Tory party fails to form a majority government and the price to pay for labour getting into power would be a second Scottish referendum.

For some radical Scottish Nationalists, this prospect of a second referendum has made them realise that they need to have it sooner than later. This can be shown by the SNP leadership in Aberdeen having to fight off an attempt by rebels to force the party to adopt a plan B for securing independence. Some of the critics of Sturgeon have begun to say there is a sense of drift at the top, “ support for independence may be at 50%, but given the state of UK politics why isn’t it at 60%?” which was asked by one politician of the SNP party.  

On the other hand,  SNP strategists have decided they are more likely to win a majority for independence in Holyrood in 2021. This is due to the fact that it would establish an undeniable mandate for a new referendum and they wanted deep-rooted support for leaving, so when the referendum does eventually come to be, they will have more than 50%. 

Despite some unrest from SNP radicals, the gradualist of today still has the upper hand. This is due to the fact that they believe that the ability for a second referendum has never been greater and that by waiting for the right moment will give them what they deserve sooner rather than later with also a truth being that Miss Sturgeon doesn’t want to have to undergo a referendum as serious as this until she is certain of victory

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