Corona on A level students

I’d like to discuss something that has been on my mind for quite a bit… how the coronavirus has affected my life as a student trying to get into university. In many ways, this can be seen to be of benefit to a lot sitting no exams, and that could overall have its perks along the lines of teacher assessments. However it’s difficult to overlook the underlying negatives that come with the lack of exams happening in May and June 

Firstly, I feel the general consensus is that a lot of time has been wasted revising. Although this time that we live and could not have been predicted in any way shape or form, the copious amounts of notes I’ve made and past papers I’ve done will help to guide the teachers in giving me my overall grade. On the other hand, I just feel that maybe I didn’t have to have as much stress as I did because this virus is turning down the World as we know it. Also, as a teenager, I’m feeling rather uncompleted. By this, I mean the summer that is coming up feels like it’s happening now in April and March. This whole situation just feels majorly surreal in the sense that the last two years, we’ve been building up to this final point… this final exam that will determine whether we go to be top-notch university or not, has just been taken away by external circumstances. The feeling of emptiness and incompletion stems from not completing the overall task. I guarantee that the summer that we thought we would have, will be nothing like that completed summer for GCSEs. Mainly because we haven’t completed our A levels to an extent and so we left in a sense of confusion and for those people panic. Also, I feel that the situation is 10 times worse for those sitting GCSE’s for 2 reasons. First, the experience of sitting GCSE’s matures a lot of people and makes them realise how important it is to revise properly for exams. The students that will miss them, won’t have this experience and I feel will really struggle with the task of A levels because of this. Secondly, it is much harder to predict what students will get for their GCSE’s due to the fact that students usually jump up by 2 grades from mocks, as a lot will realise that they need to really try, whereas they won’t with their mock examinations and work throughout that of the course.

The government have helpfully set out external exams for people who feel their grades will be limited by teacher assessment. This is quite fair that people have the option of sitting a final exam, as students historically do better in exams rather than throughout the year as there are fewer distractions along with they work harder due to the fact they know this is the most important part of their life up to date. The main problem with this is that if students sit these exams in I believe January, they will not be starting university until after Christmas with all Lectures being documented online, for them to catch up on. Regardless of this being the obvious point of strain to catch up, I feel that the overall experience of the first year in uni has been lost. The first year of university, or at least the first half of the year, I believe is to settle you in and make you used to live on your own. With these external exams taking place after Christmas, the first half of uni obviously is lost. This leads me on to think that a lot of students can be massively affected physically and mentally with the amount of work they have a catch up on and also the task of getting used to being by themselves. This I know might prove to be too much for most people who would have never even had the experience of living alone

Furthermore, it’s hard to stay motivated to do work whilst at home. I know for a fact that the school I go to sets work still as if we were still sitting exams on time. Honestly, this is a good idea. I haven’t been able to post over the last few days, just due to the fact I’ve been finishing off economic’s papers along with copious amounts of essays for history and politics. With this finished though, it’s easy to look back on those times spent working where I guarantee a lot of people would’ve just been relaxing in lockdown and letting their brains get out of study mode, and settle in relaxing mode in April and March, which might last until September. The exam boards have stressed that they don’t want people to do nothing until they go to university, due to the fact that they are going to find it really hard to adjust to the hard life of university because of the difficult work amounts and the independence that follows. That’s what I want to do this blog every now and again just so I keep on top of the task of writing, which I believe I’m going to have to do when I hit University

As a final point, I just want to address how I’m going to be tackling this blog a little better. I’m fully aware this gets a few views but that’s not the point of its existence. The main reason I do this is that it helps me to stay on top recent events and it lets me just express things that I’m interested in. Along with current event posts, I’d like to talk about issues that interest me such as the concept of human rights and society in general.

Well that’s it for this post 

See you next time

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